Discover the Therapeutic Benefits of a Water Bed

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If you have ever been injured or have had to endure painful physiotherapy treatments, then you know that one of the most effective means of relieving your pain and relaxing your muscles – especially your back muscles, is by applying heat. That explains why heated Waterbeds have been used for medical and homeopathic treatments of various physical conditions, for over 2000 years and are still a ‘hot’ selling item today.

Patients suffering from Arthritis, Rheumatism, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, and other joint, bone, and muscular conditions, the elderly, and anyone with chronic back pain will all reap significant benefits from sleeping on a water mattress. Water has been known to increase blood flow, stimulate blood circulation and properly support all areas of the body evenly and comfortably, allowing you to wake up feeling more rested and better able to start your day. Most waterbeds can be heated and temperature controlled, so you can set it to whatever temperature you find desirable, then crawl into a nice warm bed in the depth of winter’s cold where you will feel snugly warm all night long. More affordable than those posture-pedic specialty beds that cost thousands of dollars, waterbeds also cater to 2 individuals who share a common bed. This means that 2 people with different body sizes and weights will each receive the proper level of support for them, without having to sleep on different levels or angles from each other, like those craftmatic beds.

There are different styles of waterbeds (some are very wavy – like our Free Flow water mattress) while others (like our 8” motionless hybrid waterbed mattress and the 99% Motion Reduction DIAMOND Water Mattress, are firmer with a soft water inner core and added lumbar and spinal support. Each model provides a different level of support and wave action, depending on your needs.

Waterbeds are also very hygienic. The vinyl water mattress helps to prevent dust and dust mites build-up, making waterbeds ideal for anyone who suffers from asthma or allergies.

But waterbeds are not just good for improving your physical health. Water therapy is known to relax both body and mind, so sleeping on a water mattress can also reduce your stress levels and mental fatigue, leaving you feeling more refreshed and alive. Your body is made up of 70-75% water, and just like the gravitational pull of the moon which affects our bodies, women’s menstrual cycles, our moods, and the earth’s ocean tides, sleeping on a waterbed restores the balance of our ZEN; our energy, stamina and zeal.

We invite you to discover for yourself, the wonderful therapeutic benefits of sleeping on a waterbed mattress. Visit our waterbed gallery at:

2 thoughts on “Discover the Therapeutic Benefits of a Water Bed”

  1. My father brought me a water bed, i love it to sleep in this bed and i get good feeling on sleeping and more comfortable when compare to other kind of bed.

  2. I slept on a waterbed mattress for 26 years and loved it !! My husband talked me into trying something else and it did not work ! ( memory foam ) I am going back to the waterbed mattress !

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