I love my waterbed because….

We want to hear from you….

You know who you are….You love your waterbed! You can recall when you first discovered what sleeping on a waterbed was really like and you vowed that you would never again go back to a hard, conventional bed.  You were SOLD and would be a waterbed lover for years to come.

Well, if that describes you then read on because we want to hear from YOU! Please take a few minutes out of your busy day to let us know why you simply LOVE your waterbed.

We want to hear from you….

Maybe your very first bed was a waterbed and what an adventure that was! If it was years ago, it was probably a free flowing mattress (100 FULL motion) all gushy and soft… did yours have big velvet bumper style pads on it too!

Or what about the time your old waterbed sprung a leak? (Geezz.. good thing they dont make them like THAT anymore?)

Whatever your waterbed story is, we want to hear it!

Why not take a few minutes out of your busy day right now to let us know why you simply LOVE your waterbed.


Thank goodness that waterbeds really have come a long, long way. The rubbers and vinyls being used today are now more durable than ever, and watebeds now come in a wide range of motion controls – from 100% free flowing to 50%, 60%, 80% even 100% motionless. Many even have built in lumbar spine support. And let’s not forget the added bonus of thermo temperature controls. Pefect for keeping you warm on a cold winters night and keeping you cool on those hot summer ones (especially for those warm blooded athletes with high running adrenoline).. how cool is that?!

There are also hybrid waterbeds – a water mattress (or water bladder) inside a regular looking mattress. Our hybrid waterbed mattresses are available in many styles, including quilted european pillow tops for deluxe comfort.  Check out or full line of waterbed and futon beds, parts, waterbed sheets, futon covers, accessories and more at: WaterbedandFuton.com

3 thoughts on “I love my waterbed because….”

  1. I love my waterbed! I would always wake up with a stiff back. My boyfriend (now my husband – 30+ years) at the time said “lets get a waterbed”. So off to the store we went and purchased one. I have never looked back. I have had a waterbed for over 32 years now. If I had to buy another bed, I’d buy another waterbed. I changed to a soft side water bed in 92 with two bladders. In my 32 years I have had two leaks- always caught in time and patched. I have not had extensive damage from the leaks. I just towel and air dried the area. I recently slept on a sleep number bed. I HATED it – we could never find a number that worked for us. We couldn’t wait to get back home to get a good night’s sleep. Just a note from a waterbed lover. ?

  2. Yep. I love my waterbed! I was first introduced to one by my partner at the time in 1987. We got a beautiful King with a bookshelf headboard that had glass doors and lights. I loved that as just the furniture! The first mattress was a waveless. When we split up, we agreed that my partner `would take the bed. About a year later I got my own Queen size waterbed, again waveless. I did have to move it once and that empty waveless mattress was VERY heavy since the foam absorbs water. About 10 years later for some strange reason I decided to empty the mattress and replace it with an air mattress that fit inside waterbed frames. It was a lot of work getting that wet waveless out. I used the air mattresses for a few years – they only last 2 years at best, so I had to repurchase a couple times. Then the bug hit me again and I decided to go back to the water mattress. This time I tried the full wave bladder so it would be much easier to move if I had to empty it and it wasn’t that expensive. Well… it took me a few nights to get used to it, but now that I am I absolutely LOVE the full wave. Almost every night I get into that bed and say “god, I love my waterbed” LOL

    I am in the process of renewing some bedding. I am getting a new pad for the bed -the SnugFleece Original Wool pad, and yes they make them in waterbed sizes! Yay! I am also going faux fur for the comforter. Etsy has a shop called BedspreadsAndThrows that will custom make the size I want for the Queen. I am not aware of any comforters for hardsided waterbeds out there anymore. I have used quilts and regular size comforters in the past, but I wanted that tucked in original look that you see in pictures but can’t find anymore.

  3. I love my waterbed its very comfortable i go to sleep fast waterbeds are lot better for you it relax your body i give them a 5 star rateing

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