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Ok folks, we’re looking for waterbed and futon related stories  for    So get those creative juices flowing and start typing…videos and photos are also welcome but they must be YOUR OWN.

Simple enough? So let’s hear them already!


And speaking of  fun waterbed stories, check out this HILARIOUS video, posted on You Tube:

3 thoughts on “Tell us YOUR waterbed story”

  1. Hi Sally,

    Thank you for the plug and for choosing my theme to use for your blog. A great plugin to use for embedding videos into WordPress posts is Vipers Video Quicktags. You can search for it from within your WordPress admin by going to “Plugins” “Add New” 😉

    I think your contest idea is great! It should be fun to see some waterbed stories.

  2. Back in the late sixties, waterbeds were unknown generally. I was living in Topanga Canyon at the time, epicenter of the Hippie movement. I ran into Omar Zenman, a legendary conman and promoter who was trying to get waterbed stores started all over California, and was fronting the beds to couples starting a store. Anyway, he calls me up one day and says that two friends of mine had opened a store in Sauscelido and had been very successful until they started getting stoned and partying and allowed someone to abscond with all the money and waterbeds. I was to be his hired gun and get it all on track again. So in rapid succession I got on a plane, found them, found a new store location (larkspur), got a business license, and met a truck full of waterbeds and basic frames. Finally, we were in business, sort of, and by evening had filled a few beds in this otherwise empty store. The three of us had nowhere else to go, so we went to bed in one of the waterbeds-which, I remember was still cold on my bare skin. No sooner in bed but in staggers a very drunken stranger, we hadn’t locked the door. He blearily stands at the foot of the bed saying he must have walked in the wrong door, he was supposed to be at a bar with a convention of Irish tenors. He then proceeds to serenade us with a lovely Irish ballad. He had a nice voice. If that wasn’t surreal enough, in burst two cops, guns drawn. We had to explain about this being a new store, everything’s cool, our buddy here needs to go next door with the rest of the tenors, etc.,etc. All the while lying naked three abreast in a cold waterbed. The next day, I decided that I had done all that I could and flew back to L.A. to report to Omar. After that life in Topanga got even crazier, but thats another story. Duke

  3. We have had our King size waterbed for over 23 years now and we are now 51 and we will never go back to a regular bed again. We have had one child who gave it a run for its money and the waterbed has had 3 dog (right now a 100 pound Doberman enjoying the bed) 5 – cats – 4 ferrets have all enjoyed our waterbed. Bought it Ohio many years ago.
    Once in awhile there will be a small leak but nothing major. And I love the heat.
    Thanks for the contest!!

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